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Expat Insurance

Expat insurance

Expat Insurance

If you earn more than 4950,- Euro gross money  per mth (2018) , you are eligible for private health insurance.

In Germany the offer is to choose between german public insurance or german private insurance. Private insurance offers more choice between "basic", "business", "first class" tariff.  And price is individual, mostly cheaper than public - if you are young, healthy and single.

Private insurance tariff offers:

- outpatient medical treatment, specialist treatment, Vision, Naturopaths, choice of hospital, 1bedroom, chief physician, dental treatment  100%, dental cleaning...and more extras.

In many cases, the price for private tariff is half the price of public insurance. But it depends on age, health and family status. And the calculation is different; looking at kids und pension time.

To find out which tariff is your tariff, i recommend an individiual consultation.

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